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 - Adana Twins


Straight outta “Hamburg house city”, Adana Twins helped secure their home’s reputation for deep grooves with a series of early EPs that have made them among the most buzz-worthy acts to emerge from the German media capital. Placing repeatedly in the pole position on both Resident Advisor and Beatport charts, the duo comprised of Take It Easy and Friso has found its way into the record bags and Traktor set-ups of the world’s top DJs, while comfortably establishing its own sound where sleek beats and clever sampling are only a small piece of a bigger musical vision that began to form during a previous era.The whirlwind of 2017 has already seen great dynamism for Adana Twins, establishing their new “home base” at Watergate Records, birthed from the Berlin-staple Watergate Club. In addition to regular shows at the notorious club on the river Spree, you will find the boys playing Watergate showcases around the world. Setting the bar high for what we can expect from this newly formed collaboration, their first release with the new alliance, “Etah”, is out on the Watergate Affairs 02 EP.The high-powered dyad also caught the attention of hometown-favourite Solomun, who has incorporated their legendary tune, “Uncompromising”, into every one of his sets months before its release. Out on Diynamic’s Four To The Floor EP series, the track is already beloved by the greats—as evident by its epic preview at BPM Festival.Later in the year you can expect Adana Twins’ next solo EP, Relentless, coming out on with an appearance by WhoMadeWho singer and guitarist Jeppe Kjellberg, recently featured on DJ Tennis’ celebrated Divisions Chirality release. The EP will include a remix by Andre Lodemann and a state-of-the-art music video shot in the Nevada desert with a prominent Hollywood special effects designer, proving once again that Adana Twins’ vigorous tenacity cannot be brought to a halt.