- Caramen


Matt Seaton, also known as Caramen, is a 24-year oldBritish music producer currently based in London, UK. Hehas been producing music under the Caramen pseudonymsince 2013.He began making a name for himself early on with hisbootlegs and remixes, which have proven popular withmusic sharing communities online, earning him a solid andgrowing reputation in the underground music scene. Hismusic is known for its driving basslines and variedsoundscapes, with a strong emphasis on rhythmicrepetition.Caramen released his first original mix on the CanadianbasedVainglory Recordings imprint in 2014, with his trackentitled ‘Stutter’.He has forthcoming releases on various international labels.2014 is being tipped as the year for the young producer’srise to wider notoriety, so watch this space for new musicand live performance dates.