- Rico Puestel


Early trained pianist, self-trained guitarist, drummer, musicologist, Zappa enthusiast, struggler, neurotic, martyr of art and, most-notably, genuine, perpetually driven producer and performer of electronic music in all its facets, soaked into one highly character-propelled guiding thread throughout it all, currently crafting music on Cocoon Recordings. Spending his childhood days as socio-psychological observer, he developed into a holistically shaped yet rough- around-the-edges human being, following a catalogue of self-elaborated principles that stand on their own - continually keeping with his motto: "Give me stick and stone and I'll build you a home." Same for all the endeavours of working himself into the art of melting separated records into coherent yet irrational stories when he was around 11 years old, leading to the initiation of his public DJ performances from the age of 13. Different monikers, labels, phases, over 40 vinyl records, singles, EPs, remixes rolled by, leaving a continuously prospering legacy of expression.