- Definition


When a label carries the same name as the artist behind it, you can already assume artistically synchronized expressionism. This is the case for Dimitri Schnider, alias Definition and his label of the same name. For a little over five years Definition has been writing a Swiss Club music story of success that is not the merit of a fleeting hype, but the result of sustainable development and consistent results bound by talent. Last but not least, it was the great Darius Syrossian who immediately recognized the potential slumbering in Definition Music and has released productions on the label right from the start. For the first five years he was not the only Great name to release on Definition Music: Hector Couto, Josh Butler and Sidney Charles have also brought sound material among the many affinite folks. All these pearls of contemporary danceflooring are drawn before each release by Hannah Frances, so to speak the musical conscience at Definition Music. Definition himself has been busy composing electronic music since 2009, and standing behind the decks since ’07. However, it all started with a drum set - the rhythm of which flows unbridled in his veins. Definition is calls himself neither producer nor label owner nor DJ. He is all in one. This three-in-one combination manifests itself undeniably in his music. He relies on harmony, a music that is round in itself and at the same time knows no boundaries. If you enjoy your music, you embark on a journey without limits – precisely which definition, as its name predicts, is defined for the listener. This is not the only factor in making a name for himself over the years as DJ, Producer and Label Owner - in diverse clubs, well-known labels and top artists on his label. It is also due his special characteristic to - despite his success - stay firmly grounded. Unless he’s making music, then he really takes off. He has released over the years, in addition to and alongside his own brand, on a number of well-known imprint addresses, including Get Physical Music, Diynamic, Hive Audio and Parquet. On his own turf, names like Hive, Nordstern, Zukunft and Friedas Büxe are just a few of the brands that turn the big nightlife wheel of his home turf, and they too have enjoyed his sets. Clubbers in Dubai, Kiev and Berlin have also had the pleasure to dance to his artful mixing skills. The list of greats playing his productions also reads like a who's who of club music: In addition to the already mentioned cooperation partners of Definition Music, the Diynamic boss Solomun, for example, has included definition-sound material in his repertoire. If you consider that Definition launched his career just a few years ago with a move to Zurich, then his previous achievements are more than impressive: this DJ, producer and label maker is a figurehead of the Swiss Electronica Guild one that, despite its success, has remained refreshingly level headed.