- Albuquerque


Creating dance music through mysterious grooves, Ricardo Albuquerque or just Albuquerque as he is known, conquered the dance floors of the world. Resident of the legendary Warung Beach Club in Santa Catarina (Brazil), the Curitiba based artist is recognized for its reading of the moment and its extremely intense rhythm. Delivering to the audience depth and intensity on his presentations, Albuquerque is what you can call "born DJ". He collects unforgettable moments by the main stages of E-music around the world, such as Amnesia (Ibiza), Watergate (Berlin-ALE ), Fabric (London-UK), BPM (Mexico and Portugal), Fuse (Brussels-BEL) and Amsterdam Dance Event (Amsterdam-HOL).Albuquerque today is one of the main dealers of the electronic music culture in South America and boss of the label RADIOLA RECORDS, a brand that stands out for its music, parties and creative actions, among them the creation of the world's first electronic music co-working, with more than ten studios of musical production,15 artists and offices based in Curitiba-PR.