- Fiddler


My name is Tibor Hegedüs (Fiddler), I was born on 20thDecember, 1981 in Győr (Hungary). I have been attracted bymusic since I was 10. During my teenager years I collectedthe most melodic tracks. My first "lovers" were the songs ofDepeche Mode and Bonanza Banzai, then there was a turnin my life, caused by the enormous development ofelectronic music. T hat time I really enjoyed listening to theartists of Hardcore and Happy Hardcore, for example CharlyLownoise & Menthal T heo, Dune, RMB, Raver'S'Nature.Each of them became my favourite one and even nowadaysI like to find them for a short play, if I’m in the mood.Afterall, I preferred listening to a wider range of music. I wassteadily intoxicated by Trance & Techno I was immediatelyfascinated by the happiness and delight in the world ofTrance and on the other hand I was carried away by thepumping of the robust and dark Techno sounds. Myfavourite trance artists are Paul Van Dyk and Armin VanBuuren and from techno: Chris Liebing, Rush, Marco Carola.Afterwards the trance atmosphere was dominant for me,then Progressive House amazed me when it appeared inthe electronic dance music world. T hat's the stlyle which fitsme the most, which I really like to listen to and play as well.In my opinion the greatest artists are – just to mention a fewof them: Kintar, Mango, Maindave, Michael & Levan, Embliss,C-Jay, Ivan Nikusev, Ali Inzel, Moshic, Deluna, Loquai, BobbyDeep, Christos Fourkis, Faskil or M.A.Z .7 from foreign side,and of course, the greatest Hungarians are: Elfsong/StyleClash, Aeron Aether, Retroid, East Cafe, Soundstorm, Kay-D.My aim is to really focus on my producer work in the nearfuture, I hope successfully