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 - Jean Aita


Jean Aita was born on 10/20/1978 in NaplesHalf Italian from his father's side and half French from his mother's, he's well-known tenor Enzo Aita's grandson, who sang the track "MA LE GAMBE" with Trio Lescano.Since he was young (8 years old), Jean was interested in music as he's always been surrounded by music instruments at home (piano, synth, drum machine, mixer, etc) and he took a special interest in music composition. Therefore Jean discovered his passion for the turntables, along with vinyl discs and the mixing technique, hosting parties as dj for his friends.Club where he played:House Club(Naples),00 Club(Naples)Magazzini Romani(Civitavecchia/Italy))Rise Club(Civitavecchia/Italy)Glass Club(Pozzuoli/Italy),In the early 90s, with the American dance music becoming popular and the deep & house music wave, Jean fell in love with this music genre.from there he began his career as a manufacturerproducing the following projects:Some... ..For DJ CHUS – “Pirates of Pop Rock”(Vinil Bootleg)“GOOD OF US” With CORVINO TRAXX,MORENOPEZ Z LAT O,LINO DI MEGLIODRIVEBOX Feat ROSE MARRIOT With PHUNKINVEST IGAT IONT HE BALL BREAKERS With FILIPPO NARDI aka UNCLE DOG(DEEPERFECT /ST EFANO NOFERINI LABEL)ENABLE DANCE” on TEST PRESSING RECORDS(DADDY’S GROOVE LABEL)PUSH REVLUT ION” . DON’T ST OP WIT H PHUNKINVEST IGAT IONJEAN AITA Feat ARMANDO MARASSI – WIT H OUT U – SIROCCO(Ibiza) 2012 COMPILATION(With DJ PIPPI,FABIO GENITO,WILLY GRAFF,TUCCILLO) – Mixed By DJ PIPPI(Pacha’)JEAN AITA Feat MAURIZ IO PONZ O – WILDERNESS– SIROCCO(Ibiza) 2013 COMPILATION – Mixed By DJ PIPPI(Pacha’)JEAN AITA – “YES WE ARE” CROSSTECH RECORDS/LW RECORDING(Label that contains artists thickness of FINNEBASSEN,CESAR DE MELERO,HECTOR COUTO,STEREO EXPRESS)DANIELL C – “IM NT HERE”(JEAN AITA DEEPINT EC RMX) CROSSWORLD RECORDS UK((Label that contains artists thickness of TUBE & BERGER,JUST2)MOONCAST EL – GreatNight Records UK(LABEL DINO LENNY) DINO LENNY & LINO D MEGLIO – “I Can’t Live Without”(JEAN AITA Rmx) EGOin 2013 and was included n the prestigious Chart of BEATPORT “10 MUST HEAR DEEPHOUSE 2013” With JAMIE JONES,GEORGE FITZGERAL,ADAM BAYER,IDA ENGBERG,PHONIQUE... .