- Suntech


Alejandro Orozco, known as SUNTECH, DJ-Producer, was born in January rst 1977 in Bogota – Colombia. He grew listening to artists and bands as Depeche Mode, Prodigy, Nine inch Nails, Chemical Brothers, U2, INXS, Madonna, and Michael Jackson, who inuded in a determining way on his musical career, because they used the rst electronic instruments that included elements of Funk and Dance. In 1993 the electronic music is began, buying his rst vinyl records in the malls of the capital. After that, the CD’s of House and Techno begin to be used, a little hard to nd, testing the rst turntables. Later, in 1995 through the internet is found the Trance and interacts with its rst dj’s and producers. In 1996, his passion for the technology and the music leads him to get his rst instruments and electronic devices, keyboards and dj devices, mixing, by this way, the technology and the electronic music, which have always been tied hardly. Since that moment he began improving his hearing and his musical likes, assaying, studying music, keyboard, and also assisting to a lot of events and festivals of electronic music. In 2002, SUNTECH begins playing at fashion shows of known brands and private events with his live sets with a lot of House, in order to get trends to the House Progressive, Trance, and Progressive Trance. Actually the SUNTECH is located at Medellin and he’s presented to the most important electronic discos of the country, as: Cinema en Bogota, Envy, B-lounge, Mansion club, Wild club, Crista, Bipiem, Carnival, Kasa House, El Deck, Farenheit, Mixology, Natural Rave Festival, Conciertos Altavoz, Icono Club, Landscape Festival (Medellin), Chiringuito (Cartagena), Black and White festival (cali) and in other cities as Monteria and Pereira, where the electronic scene is opened, also in New york city tour; two albums produced Exclusive Series Exclusive Series Vol.1 and Vol 2 (2011- 2014).