Key Commands
 - Manuel Moreno


1996 – T he exchange of tapes in the beginning, illegalrecordings at party nights in some of Z urich’s legendaryclubs. T his new multifaceted kind of music immediatelyfascinated Manuel Moreno. T he Term ‘scene’ gained an allnew meaning: People united by their enthusiasm for music.“Boisterously dancing people, booming basses, propelled bydriving rhythm, seemingly endless but nevertheless finitelyparty nights, high spirits, people visiting the nightly-urbanmoods just due to the music and frisky celebrating the ‘Hereand now’. Even 17 years later these and many otheraspects are still intriguing me before and whilst acting a gig.All the more I rejoice my releases on 8Bit, Katchuli, HiveAudio, Welldone!Music and Yippie. T hese labels work I holdin high esteem.”2013 – With his current publications the high flying andambitious producer and DJ causes a sensation beyond thecountry’s boundaries. T hanks to his sensitivity on creationof danceable beats, combined with deep melodies of thesphere, he persuades the audience and hits the mark of thetime. Also behind the deck he is a master of his business,elating the crowd with passion, ferventness and feeling forrhythm.