- Duckhunter


Duckhunter (Alexey Zharov) is a well rooted household name is the New York City Underground techno scene. Duckhunter has been an active producer/DJ in NYC since 2009 and has always been relentlessly pushing his own unique, fresh and toe-moving electronic sound. Duckhunter's music relates to genres of techno, house, minimal and different experimental sound design elements acquired during a lifetime musical adventure. Since 2009 Duckhunter has released on many different labels worldwide such as Kontrol Records, Redukt, Uberkontrol, Unt, Echodeluxe, Mystery Train, Cobb Recordings, NOSI and many more. Currently Duckhunter is launching his own Elastic Gun Records imprint as well as dropping a track alongside Derek Marin on vinyl on the classic Siesta Records and Gear in 2013.