- Mirco Niemeier


Mirco Niemeier is a true veteran or as he would say a pioneer. After thefall of the Berlin Wall, he had the chance to listen to open minded musicand so he savored to the fullest. At this time he was inspired bysynthesizer sounds, created by Jean Michel Jarre, which smooth the way forelectronical music.Percussion and atmosphere: His style is full of deep- tech elements and mixedup with melancholic leads. The groove is always at the forefront andprovides a frisky and swingin mood. But you can’t define a certain MircoNiemeier sound, because he loves to create a lot of elements into one greatwhole.With releases on DAMM and PlayWithUs, Mirco Niemeier arrived at the sound heis producing today. So we can look forward to new projects, because boredomis a loanword for Mirco!