- Fabian Vieregge


Fabian Vieregge was born in June 1990 in Saarland, Germany. In 2011, he moved to the capitol of Berlin to nd himself in music. After years of studying the many varieties of electronic music, he found his own deep, progressive house & techno style in producing and DJing. He’s had the honor to play in many Berlin clubs such as Wilde Renate, IPSE, Burg Schnabel, Polygon Club, Anomalie Art Club, Humboldthain Club, Kulstätte KELLER, Birgit & Bier etc. He has played in other regions of Germany, SoundNarts Bamberg, Odonien Köln and Mauerpfeiffer Saarbrücken. He also plays several times per year in Bagatelle§93 Zürich(CH).