- Stereo Express


As a producer and dj, Stereo Express loves to take his audience on a melodic journey from beginning till the end. He sees himself as a storyteller with the purpose to enchant his crowd and create beautiful memories. Known from classics as ‘Sweet Dreams’ & ‘When I’m With You’ which has generated 7-digit streams on youtube / spotify and number-one rankings on several online platforms Stereo Express started crossing a path led to clubs and festivals from Europe, Nord & South America, Asia to Africa and Russia.2017 has been a very busy studio year for Stereo Express. The outcome is a powerful but sexy album, with a diverse range of vocal collaborations, which he will release on his label Love Matters. Influenced by his gigs at Afrikaburn 2017, his new album ‘EXPRESS YOURSELF’ has an energetic but melodic club sound with a dreamy and exotic timbre. Stereo Express shows with his second album he went through a strong musical development in the last years. Already with the first track you get sucked into a powerful organic atmosphere with. This oriental and sexy sound is the red line through out the whole album which is expected in March 2018