- Stiven Rivic


Although he was born into a musical family Stiven chose sport since very early age and went on to develop a very successful sports career. Even though music has always been his passion, Stiven did not progress with music until teaming up with Michael & Levan, his two close friends from Georgia who are very well known on the progressive music scene.Very quickly the passion for music grew and instead of it just being a hobby, it soon turned into a very big and important part of Stiven’s life. Soon after that the three friends who all love progressive music equally, decided to open a label and become proud owners and founders of now known as MistiqueMusic Label, which is currently home to 51 Famous Artist across the world, i.e. Kintar and Miandave from Argentina, Tim Fretwell from the United Kingdom, Embliss from Holland, Domased Electronica from Slovakia, Faskil from Belgium, Python from Russia, Human8, Kay-D, East Cafe from Hungary, Rezo from Israel, LoQuai from Germany and many more..Currently Stiven is still concentrating on his Sports career, and at the same time on his music career too, he continually works for his record label and devotes all his spare time to searching and signing up the best progressive artist.He also occasionally has a slot on Proton and Frisky radios, BeatTunes, Pure,Fm, Tribalmixes.org where he presents his own music sets.