- Echo Daft


As a silver lining in the underground scene from the island’s vibrations Dinusha alias Echo daft came up with his unique ways into the industry in 2016. As a D.j he was able to earn his spot among the up-comers in a fast growing manner. Becoming one of the most wanted groovers in the progressive community & touching people’s souls with his convincing tunes & melodies, He came up with the idea of initiating his own record label naming ‘AUDIOVEN’. His talent and popularity is based on the surprising playlists inclusive of unreleased music that pushes him through to earn a popular spot in the groove industry Sri Lanka. Producing music has always been in Echo Daft’s veins, Having started producing music and beats for popular media and production companies since 2011, Experience and skills which he carried over when focusing on making Progressive Music. His denition of music has been shared around the world and has signed in with spectacular labels such as Guy mantzur's PlattenBank , Dopamine Music , Soundtaller and more,, His music been playing by lots of DJs such as, Guy mantzur , Khen , Hernen Cattaneo , Nick warren, Dj ruby, and more....