- Claes Rosen


For Claes it all began in the mid 90's when he started off with a program called Fasttracker II. From these Humble beginnings he progressed, expanded his studiosetup and started making more and more music. Over the years he has done many different types of styles in between his house music projects and releases. One example is music for commercial use. Both in radio and tv. Another one worth mentioning is his sidestep as "Best international producer" under the Dubstep category alias L-Wiz. His first claim to fame was the amazing "Eighties" track on the Jackmoves label in 2005, which was subsequently canned by all the big names in the scene. He then followed up with the "Stockholmsfinest" and "Bad selection" on Jivetrax and Dumb recordings. In june 2007 "Mahaya" came out on Protonmusic followed up with "Walking FWD E.P" on the Sick Watona label. From there everything went on like a train with "Kalte Hund EP", "What’s Up Tonight" and most recently release "Pondus", which claimed the No. 10 spot on Beatport's progressive chart. All in all, Claes Rosen is a force to be reckon with.