- Magnetic Brothers


Magnetic Brothers is a musical duo started in 2007 by Golubev brothers Anton and Arthur. Today Magnetic Brothers discography is total of more than 400 releases, produced by various top foreign and native labels: Armada Music, Zouk (Armada), Black Hole, Movement Recordings, Molecule, Baroque, Flow Vinyl, Spring Tube, Balkan Connection, Nellie Recordings, Avenue, Highway, Visceral, Particles, Deep Blue Eyes and many others. The Brothers music hit the charts for numerous times, got into radio shows and live performances of worldwide famous DJs, such as Marcus Schulz, Hernan Cattaneo, Eelke Kleijn, Umek, mr.Pit, Solarstone, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Matt Darey, tyDi, Miss Nine, Max Graham, Woody Van Eyden, Cid Inc, Sasha Le Monnier, Mike Saint-Jules. Besides, some of their singles have been released on such compilations as: Markus Schulz - "Global DJ Broadcast Top15: July, August, November" (Armada Music), Solarstone - "Solaris International Top10: August" (Black Hole Recordings), Royal Sapien - "Players" (Compiled & Mixed / Proton Music), James Solid - "Fabrica 0.2" (Solid Fabric Recordings) ao;