- NeKKoN


'MUSIC IS LIFE and LIFE IS MUSIC' (NeKKoN) 'Taylor De Ridder'(born 4 January 1986) Better know as 'NeKKoN'. Is a Belgian (DJ), record producer and co-label owner(RevKon Records(since 12/03/2019)) from Denderleeuw. From the first moment he discovered music, he fell in love with it. At the age of 10 he finally got his own first laptop so he could experiment making music. Pretty soon he started making music on all sorts of platforms, music 2000 (ps), music generator 2 (ps2), and eventually studio on the pc/laptop. First it was a lot of going around...making hardstyle beats with funny lyrics or melodies... he did this first under the name (Dj TeFoux). Eventually he got better and more serious, because he never stop learning and experimenting, and thus 'NeKKoN' was born out of this. he still has his goofiness inside but makes it so that it will get you moving or takes you on a journey trough sound. What NeKKoN wants is to create music for people to listen to and come to love, whether it be at home or in a dark nightclub. NeKKoN puts great emphasis on melodies in his productions and wants to appeal to fans of many different House and Techno music genres.