- Syntetiqueline


Syntetiqueline (Roman Vislov), was born in 1987, in Ukraine, Lugansk.How many other guys fell in love with electronic music since childhood.At that time it was Airwave, ATB, Above & Beyond, BT, Crystal Method, Jay Lumen, Fluke, and many others...In 2008 I first heard of talented musicians Michael & Levan in the radio show by Alexey Sonar "Asphalt", their sound became the benchmark for me!Label Mistiquemusic introduced me so many talented musicians as Alex Vidal, Deep Soul Duo, Deep Fog, LoQuai, Relaunch, Suffused, Plu-Ton, MSZ, Rise And Fall,Timewave, You Are My Salvation and others talented guys...In 2015 began to learn the basics of writing music .In 2016 Kirill Guk (Following Light) helped and contributed to my first release on the label Aeriform Records, after which I released a few more releases on Mistiquemusic and Сlinique Records.In 2017 have decided to take nick Syntetiqueline and release their in the genre of Progressive music.