- Oovation


When young German producer, Pierre Bonaventura aka Oovation, enters the studio, he wears many hats. From ‘on the spot’ music creation to meticulous sound engineering, it seems everything he touches turns to analog gold. Oovation’s productions come straight from his vivid and vibrant mind which seems to have the blueprint already instinctively mapped out. To meet him, you would be surprised that such dark, intense, intricately crafted melodies would come from such a quiet person but as the saying goes, “Still waters run deep.”Using his expertise in live mixing and analog manipulation, Oovation’s productions are reliably exceptional, gaining recognition from big labels and artists alike. There's nothing quite like the sound of pure music being produced live and Oovation won't let the sun rise without having the perfect take recorded to express his deep sonic vision, in the most prolific and improvisational way.Oovation currently has releases on Not Another, Flow Records, Inlab and is working hand in hand with names such as Jonas Saalbach, Talul, Ryan Davis. His name is rapidly being associated with quality and fresh polyphony. To catch a live performance from Oovation is a remarkable treat. When he is in the zone, his transition from the studio to the stage is seamless, bringing the dance floor alive as enthusiastically as the tracks he produces.A true artist in all senses, Oovation is out to change the aural soundscape of electronic music today. His enchantment with true pure analog sounds met with real-time delivery and fine attention to detail in the end product makes Oovation a rare find and one to keep an eye on.