- Tim Enso


Tim Enso is a talented Russian DJ and producer with apenchant for musical performance that’s been manifesting inhim since his earliest years. At the tender age of 2 he wouldrun out on stage every chance he got, still unknowingexactly what it is he was doing but following his heartanyway, which always led him to the one place he trulybelonged.At 6 years of age the DJ-to-be enthusiastically set out tomaster a variety of musical instruments. Having entered amusic-centric school to learn playing the violin, hesimultaneously learned to play the piano, saxophone andaccordion as well. Yet by the time he had finished hisschooling, the sax became his absolute favorite. Its tone-richsound with a barely noticeable hoarseness to it trulyenchanted the young man, leading him on to further studiesat a college dedicated to jazz and stage performance arts ingeneral, focusing on the sax of course.Feeling an affinity forboth musical and management skills, he then set his sightson the music production faculty at T he Gnesins RussianAcademy of Music.