- Uncloak


Uncloak is the Live Act formed by the brazilian producers Tiago Lima and Cris Fernandes. According to the renowned site Progressive Astronaut: “Uncloak have served notice that they are not only one of the freshest names out of Brazil at the moment but also soon to be a force on the worldwide stage”.Their style ranges from melodic techno soaked in rich soundscapes to powerful and driving progressive house with some Sci-Fi textures. Both their productions and Live acts are full of versatility, leading the listener/spectator into an immersive trip: they know how to go through a very intense mood to emotional moments, always with the presence of sleeky vocals. Mainly, Uncloak are always seeking to create music that sinks deeply into the soul and the outcome is a very unique atmosphere during their live presentations.Moving between pure dance floor techno and more experimental material, they have a solid experience in the musical field and their hard working inside the studio as producers, musicians and songwriters brings a strong personality to each track.