- Heartik


Heartik was born in 1988 in a small city close to Reggio Emilia (north of Italy). Having entered the music world at only 12 years of age as a bass guitar player,he gained through knowledge of many genres of music (starting with 70's rock and disco than new wave). But it was at the age of 15, after discovering house music, that he delved deeply into the clubbing scene and began to further his passion for the genre as the nightlife became an instilled part of his lifestyle. Harbouring a passion to become involved in the clubbing scene, Heartik took to the decks. Being exhilarated by mixing the charming and powerful sounds of house music, he performed for friends at parties and local clubs for a few years, establishing a connection with the audience whilst extending his love for house music. It was this love for the music, along with influence from such artists as Daft Punk & Benny Benassi that led him to venture into the creation of house music. So from the end of 2008 he practiced the craft of production refining his skills that ultimately led to signings on labels under an old moniker. Come 2010 his new alias was born,and in just one year his lucky productions can be found on labels like Great Stuff,Kling Klong,BluFin,Trapez Ltd,Bitten,VIVa Music and many others…