- Milo


Massimo Militano born in Florence in 1984. In 2001 he wasable to experience in person a live session @ IMPERIALE,and from that magical night no longer stops attending atJAISS and INSOMNIA.Since the beginning, Milo is intrigued by how a singleperson, just playing two decks, was able to make the peopleof the night totally crazy... he was completeli fascinatedabout it!!!!Sure that becoming a DJ was the way to find, in 2003 has isfirst contact with decks and mixer. In 2005, his debut for thefirst time in a club in Florence and from that moment lot ofset around the town.In 2007, togheter with Deejay OtOt, experiment a dj set with4 decks and 2 mixer at the Ippodromo delle Mulina(AFTERNITE) and was an amazing success and becomingafter few time one of the resident dj of the COSMOPRODUCT ION.From 2007 to 2011 playing side by side with the best levelDJs of the world in the best location of Italy: FORT EZ Z A DABASSO(Fi), JAISS(Fi), CENTRAL PARK(Fi), FLORIDA(Bs),ECU(Rm) , COSTESS(Fi), METROPOLIS(Li) and many muchmore...From 2012 starts a brand new adventure with Staff DAMAbecoming Resident DJ @ CLUB 999 till December, and later@ T HE BOX REVOLUT ION still as Resident DJ.