- Max Robbers


Max Robbers, Dj and producer, internationally known to the music industry as Max B. Grant, belongs to the most requested artists of the Swiss Electro/dupstep scenery.Max Robbers will be born on November first, 2009. After more than fifteen years around the planet with 150bpm, he takes off with a project running with 128bpm together with his label Funky Fruit. The Electroking resident Max lives his music, sensations that remain and never disappear. The characteristic evolution creates his musical being a second time around with a new image to rock and live.A charm made of experience and longing, past and future, encircled by musical notes which have led the DJ trough all these years, also accompanied by a passion which is alive ever since the most antique times.His presence is requested from all over the world, fact that emphasizes the success achieved in many years of hard work.Max Robbers come back this summer with a refreshing bomb of unknown dimensions, which is once again accompanied by his own label Funky Fruit.This thrilling piece of true art, No Good 3000, promises to be the next floorkiller. Will it be the surprise of this coming summer?Forever: Turn up the volume - otherwise you have lost!more infos:www.maxrobbers.com / www.funkyfruit.ch