- Moam


M.O.A.M., he coming to this country for the BIG SOUND. He leave his island and flying here to make the GOOD BEATS. But music not make the money and Sound not pay the bills. Only the chicken and the stomach pays the bills. M.O.A.M., he beat The Volcano when he was still young. Nobody beat The Volcano like this. Nobody. M.O.A.M. is hero on his island. His father tell him, "Don't leave, you stay here and be the Big Chief." M.O.A.M. he say, "No, M.O.A.M. is flying to the other side, M.O.A.M. is finding the BIG SOUND." Now M.O.A.M. have nothing but dead chickens and greasy headphones. M.O.A.M. not go down like this. M.O.A.M. will fight The Volcano again. M.O.A.M. will make the BIG SOUND. You see...