- San Miguel


The East Berlin native San Miguel started his electronic music career in early ages and established 2007 his rst successful vinyl record label „Phonothek Records“. His musical signature is de ned by his various interests and in uences of his travels through time and space which manifests itself into a soundscape of hypnotic spheres and deep driven basses. Often combined with folkloric elements and a range of organic instruments, his sound weaves unique tales that carries the audience gently and straight into an ecstatic dance experience. He is a master for clashing the styles and shows a deep instinct for timing and suspense as he draws a bow throughout his mixes that will move any dance- oor that thrives on powerful global beats and psychedelic rhythms. That special composition led him release his own productions on labels such as Lump Records, Underyourskin Records, Pipe & Pochet, LNDKHN, Cosmic Awakenings, Sera n Audio Imprint, Leveldva and Souq Records. In 2018 he launched his second electronic music label „M NɅDɅ“ based by the philosophical monad as expression of the pure eternal essence which exists in every living being. The label represents a playground for handpicked and visionary electronic sounds that are offering vibrational healing through love and passion.