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 - Maxon


Maxon was born in the year 1980 in Muenster/Germany and was early inspired by his older brother. He developed a fascination for electronic music from an early age on – a fascination which would soon turn into a passion.From 1995 on he has actively contributed to Muenster's electronic dance music. He has acquired the techniques of DJing - including its theory and practice. He gave it a shot, tried, refined and gained many experiences.Acidhouse, Techno, Chicago-House – styles which have all highly influenced Maxon’s taste in music.Amongst others, primarily records by Jeff Mills, Hardfloor, Scan X, Tesox, Frankie Bones, Emmanuel Top, Armando, Phuture and Dave Clark, as well as releases by the labels X-Trax und Force Inc., gradually took more and more space.Owing to his repertoire, his variety regarding genres and his affinity for diversity in general, Maxon is able to offer a wide range of different styles – an expression of his competence and expertise. He excites, enthralls and thrills his audience with his huge spectrum of vibrant and pumping beats underpinning his love and his reckless abandon for music and his pleasure for DJing.In addition to playing gigs at some legendary Clubs in Germany, Maxon is the resident DJ of his very own series of events which – amongst others – were the hosts of Daniel Steinberg, Marc O’Tool, T homas P. Heckmann, Michael Knop, Sascha Sonido and Bebetta. Maxon did a remix for Michael Krones track "In my mind" (Waap Records) and runs hisown label Tonboutique Records together with AndiZ . Not thinking too much about styles.Several artists will be heard...important is the rise of the right feeling at the right moment. Maxon says it's not only about skills or a technical's about the transfer of a feeling from yourself to the audience at the right time and the right place...this depends on the mixture between ability and coincidence.