- Jens Lewandowski


Two turntables and a mixer located in the living room of a good friend meant the start for the DJ career of this supdub- newcomer.In the age of 23 he started to grab the vinyl as a hardtech-DJ in the local area of T huringia. He made with way over hardtech and house until he found his desire in minimal-techno. In the beginning he mainly performed in smaller clubs and on bigger events in eastern Germany. Meanwhile he had a residence in the former club Hopfendarre Artern. Due to the inspiration of Kleinschmager Audio, Dapayk and Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner he specialized and brought his style to perfection creating versatile sets of compilation. Further he developed a feeling and the necessary intuition for the dancing crowd.In the year of 2006, Jens produced his first tracks as a producer himself. He tried remixing sounds from Alex Kennon, Michel Laro, The Chosen Two and Mono Tox. Until, supdub accounts for his largest achievement. Jens Lewandowski released his first EP ”Leave the Dream” (supdub 025) via the Berlin label in April 2012. It also contains of a remix from Alfred Heinrichs and Martin Books in addition to his own creation.Looking forward Jens wishes to please and enthuse the people with his music. He wants to release more songs to further advance his sound.