- Maharti


Maharti became fascinated by the sound of music at an early age.Around mid- 2017 he bought his first dj gear and made some fun with friends. It never became something serious at this point.In 2017 he came in touch with Balter.Balter had a studio at his house with a lot of hardware equipment.He explained the basics of producing music and Maharti was fascinated from the first second.The day after he bought ableton and didnt stop practicing in his bedroom studio. In 201! he decided to send some of his techno demos to some labels.He got picked up by Gain Records and got his first release on a Various Album . the Result of this where more a releases on Big Punch Records , Egothermia records , ... .Maharti loves dark atmospheres but with a straight kick .He tries to combine this with a blend of minimal percussion and simple drums.Now working on his performance &perfecting his sound in the studio..Keep tuned and more to come soon!