- Benny La Malice


DJ and producer from a culture pretty rock, it is at the age of16 that he has started playing guitar and at the same timegetting involved in drums.It is by a constant evolution that at 18, he discovered theelectronic music while in a rave party. From then, it just blowup his mind so much that he had to left those latestinstruments to literally dive into this new music world. Bybuying his first turntables and groove box, “Benny la Malice”got his name mixing Drum’n’Bass, Tribe Techno andHardtek.In 2006, he founded the ‘Pafutek Crew” with his friends toplay music from rave to rave. Over time, his evolution madehim to play techno, acid, electro and minimal and his todaymusic touch is pretty dark and captivating, from sweet tostrong. Always staying open to the universe of music,“Benny la Malice” shows no limit in style without ever gettingstuck in one by finding the perfection in each of any of them.It is no surprise that in 2012, at the age of……, “MaliceRecordz” was created. His own label that give him thechance to produce new talented rookies and himself.