- Demon Noise


Demon Noise: 29 years old. Dj / Producer / Live Performance - Coach Djs, Live performance & Producers, Decibel Electronic Music School - BEATROOM - Mendoza - Argentina. Co-manager in Unique Revolutions (Denmark). The producer Mendocino Marcos Gaston Germino Aka. Demon Noise He began his journey with 20 years, along with his partner Markhez, in 2012 formed the duo PARAMETRIC MIND (trance, uplifting, tech trance, techno and psytrance). Sealed by D.MAX recordings (Germany) With the EP dark and ligth. Incl: Shifting supported by Aly and Fila and 2 weeks in a row tune of the week in 2013.They shared shows with international and national artists such as: James Dymon, Orla Feney, Javier Bussola and more ...In 2015, Gaston decided to continue his journey as Demon Noise Dj - Producer and live performance, dedicating these years to producing tracks, managing his school and perfecting his live performances. Currently, this talented artist of electronic music has released an arsenal of tracks ready to demolish the tracks and more than 20 hours of Live Set with a particular sound that is already registered in all his shows. With his melodic Techno style / Techno Groove / Progressive and Minimal Techno, in his performances you will be able to enjoy live music, deep melodies, low energy and a strong emotional load at every moment!