- Twins Project


Ákos Bóha and Szabolcs Bóha DJ / Producer twin couple We started playing music in 2006, then we were a completely different genre. Of course, we played in smaller clubs, but the underground genre was close to us. In 2010, we were heading to the Techno genre under the name Twins Project. While we were interested in writing music and after nearly 3 years of learning, we managed to release our first 3track EP in 2013. Of course, we were trying to create a unique sound. In addition, we started building our DJ career, and at that time we were invited to more parties, house parties, birthdays. . Meanwhile, with more learning and experience, our work as a producer has evolved, and this has been followed by more and more musical editions. The YellowHeads [Reload Records], Marika Rossa [Fresh-Cut], Gene Karz [Eclipse Recordings], Dolby D [Dolma Records] and more. In 2018, we became more and more interested in this, thanks to which we were given more opportunities to prove ourselves in front of the Hungarian audience. Sopron, Győr, Budapest and the fortunate ones say we turn around several times, of course we are grateful to the audience. We always try to give our best and we do our best to earn the audience's love because we think it is very important because we love to play music because music is a great pleasure for us.