- Sall


Sall, a.k.a. Salvatore Rossetti, is an italian dj, electronic music producer and sound engineer. He was born in 1994 in Locri, a little town in the South of Italy. He met the world of the Electronic Music when he was fteen. From that moment his life has changed. He started playing in some clubs around his town and music, that became his passion, is now his life. The need for new inspirations made him move to Milan. Here he is exploring and experimenting all different kinds of music, from House to Techno passing through Deep-House and Deep-Tech, in the attempt to create his own style. Studying Electronic Music Production at SAE Institute, in Milan, he can channel his effort and commitment to this sole purpose. After this college, he studying Sound Engineering in Milan at Emit. Sall is a resident-dj of VIBE Music Underground that is a new concept of rave parties that brings techno and tech-house music to a new audience. Over the last four years he played alongside with artists and big names such as Dorian Paic, Enrico Sangiuliano, Roberto Capuano, Ramiro Lopez, Sasha Carassi, Christian Smith, Frankyeffe, Hito, Marco Effe and Hollen. 
 Enjoy the music!