- Haze - C


Simone Ciannarella aka Haze-C, was born in Genoa (Italy) in 1988. Passionate about electronic music since he was a child, he started attending the rst clubs, where he felt that music should become his full-time hobby. So he began to explore the world of music production with the rst semi-professional softwares, experimenting with hard sounds. Sounds that over time move to a more modern techno, which it is still inspired. Discovered by DJ Ogi , it comes out with its rst release for Technodrome Records. From there other releases for various labels. Determined to reach the goal of getting to play in the most renowned world festivals. He performed at the Mantra and Casa Mia Club in Genoa, a stage for leading artists on the international scene, and currently a, delighting the danceoor with his techno sets full of grooves with a dark and deep timbre.