- The Badgers


Hailing from France but now currently situated in Germany, “The Badgers” are two close friends who share the same passion for electronic music. When most teenagers are spending their time studying for their exams, Yannick & Joel spent most of their time connecting on Napster & Audiogalaxy. It was 10 years ago when the pair decided to embark on a DJ’ing career. Purchasing two second hand Technics turntables, they set them up in Joel’s garage spending hours practicing in the cold winters with nothing more to keep them warm but a small hand heater. Pulling their inspiration from horror movies and the BDSM universe, they’ve spent the last 2 years in the studio crafting their unique dark eerie sound. Now opting for a live set as opposed to conventional DJ equipment, the pair describe their shows as “a soundtrack for your fetish games, your dark experiences, or just for having fun in a club”.