- Chronophone


Chronophone, also known by Desiree Paris is an electronic music artist from Paris, living in Montreux, Switzerland.He plays through Europe since 1998, and the passion and creativity he shares through his mixes fluctuating from Deephouse, to DeepTech and Techsoul, took him gradually to the world of production.After releasing with prestigious labels like Inkfish Recordings in 2011, Street King and Nites grooves for his track “ Voce de sa trincha" in 2012 and on Derrick May ‘s compilation “Beyond the dance 4” with the track « Eiffel in Love, he co- founds the label Soleluna Music and manages for Hoffmannstrasse Records, Chronophone Records and Urban Shaman Records.Always active on prod he continues with LP’s “Chronicles I & II" released on Parisien Goldmin Music and the following year releases the album “Samsara” on Hoffmannstrasse Records and many others.Currently Chronophone started his new personal concept with a single titled "O Caminho Do Esprito" on his new imprint " Urban Shaman Records", he transports us in a ethno-spiritual and shamanic sonorities served with his sexy personal touch . Is an elevating meeting between "third World's traditional rituals" and "big Cities" grooves. He stamps his credibility with the new release “De acordo com o ritual” where groove and tribal auras appear for those who love living...