- Lenfred


Lenfred is a Psytrance project created in late 2014 by Nico Hackl, based in Tyrol/Austria. In this young man are two hearts beating – one for Dark Progressive and the other for Forest Psy - but both hearts are searching the same way of creative freedom. From day one, Lenfred was a valve for Nico to leave the normal path and discover new ways. Inspired by artists like Alchemy Circle, Confo, Hatikwa, Onionbrain and Lurker, he created his own sound ideas with a bunch of different techniques - sometimes with a statement - but always with the target to have fun with the creativity. At the beginning of 2015 he released his rst EP on Juicy Noise Records called "Fractal Visions", the basis for later publications on Juicy Noise Records and Parasomnia Records. After these releases and a couple of live gigs in and around his native region, the interest in his art of music grew, even beyond the borders of Tyrol. The beginning of a journey ...