- JC Delacruz


JC Delacruz (Jay C Delacruz) is synonymous with tribalism and the strong rhythm that has always been part of his personal trait.A real heavyweight on the mixing skiils, his artist career has always connected to electronic music since 2003 (with only 13 years old) with a self-taught work and progression, and in 2010 finally sees his work presented to the world through Yo utube, where he is heard by millions of people and begins to establish a musical development that would culminate in 2015 with his first step as a producer.His music is inspired by his passion for percussions and tribal rhythms, with a very own crossbreed between Techno and House, representing his growth both as artists but also as a person.A true entertainer for the dance floor, his sets are filled with the best selection of tech house and techno, which goes through his own music productions but also for a personal interpretation of the concept of dance music with percussions and organic sounds.As a producer since 2015, his productions illustrate his abilities in the decs: pow erful beats for the dancefloor's peak time, reaching new horizons and experiencing new sounds involving tribal sonorities and futuristic rhythms with a very own r itualistic view of electronic music.Some of their releases can be found in publishers like Airtaxi, Beatfreak, Beat Therapy, Black Kat, Dynamo, Enter Music, Kool Katz, La Famiglia, Magna Recordings, Hush Recordz, District Audio, TKC Music, KULT, Yaiza, Mnfst, Habitat, Panterre Musique, Niraya World, Tribal Aenaria, Habitat, Dance Lab, GAIN, among others.