- Christian Soto


80's Christian Soto was born on 05 / 07 / 1979 in Darmstadt, Germany. By the end of the 80's Chris was already heavily seduced by electronic music and he realized what journey this music is gonna take him. 90's Having bought his first collection of Techno CD's in 1990 and big name Dj Mixtapes in around 1992 it became clear in 1994 that 15 year old Chris had to buy his first equipment, he got himself a couple of turntables and a 2 channel mixer. “To go into a record shop and buy your first few Vinyls was just amazing” he recalls with a smile on his face. After school he was always behind the decks busy trying to get to work his 5 Vinyls, he did that for weeks and months until the time when it was perfect. 1996 he managed to score his first few gigs at School events and small parties. Back then he saw himself doing missionary work true to the meaning of “..and I'm gonna get you to enjoy electronic music as well” Chris already knew back in the day how to get clubbers in to his realm. 1998 he got his first big break at LGÖ Chapter 1, where he was playing his typical brand of style to a sea of 1500 people. “It was an amazing feeling, looking down to the dance-floor and all you see is shaking heads and jumping people” he remembers. 1999 he got a residency at LEMON in Wiesloch Rauenberg back then was known as Chris Gold and his sound was more on the trancier side. It was a great feeling playing at a club where he used to be a regular clubber himself. 2000 “You grow with change” by moving he got his first bigger break, he got a residency at Club WOW in Balingen and he added a new sound to his repertoire “Schranz it was called in the days and it was music that was never below 160bpm” Chris is smiling . 2 Years he was doing his weekly sessions on the Mainfloor and the crowd quickly noticed his talented hands on the decks and his intuition to play the right tracks at the right time. It was an amazing time for him and he grew with ever y gig he was playing. Behind his decks he turns into an entertainer that sends his crowd onto a journey. Around 4 years he was touring the south of Germany where he was playing alongside big name Dj's and Live Acts until in 2004 it was getting a little quiet around South Germanys Local Hero. A new job and a move to Würzburg meant that he got to a still-stand, reorientate and find a new concept. Christian Soto was born with a new style, new concept and new goals. Next to his DJ gigs he started studio work to get more into the idea of doing Live Acts as well. Up until 2007 he had another few treats. After 2 successful Live Acts he also had gigs in Spain and all over Germany. In 2004 & 2007 he also had his first releases on a compilation and on Vinyl. “Thinking back, it wasn't that quiet after all” he is laughing. Last quarter of 2007 he was moving to Berlin. “Here I met people that you only meet once in your life and you never wanna be without anymore” Chris is sa ying with a glow. Finally, after a lot of thinking and about 9 month of no gigging, Chris put his foot down and he moved to Berlin. With his first ever gig in Berlin everything was about to change, it was as if destiny had spoken, he met Lillytronic and Marc Nuit. Two Musicians & Dj's that turned his private and music life around. With the backing of his new circle of friends in May 2008 he founded the Digital Music Label “Klang Dimension Records” with Marc Nuit and in November of the same year they released the first ep's. The first releases already went of to a great start with landing inside the top 10 of a few online stores on release day. Awesome, another of Chris' dreams became reality. In 2008 he was playing gigs at the famous KitKat Club, among others. With Lillytronic he also found a soulmate for further musical projects. New projects and releases are already in the wings and waiting to be heard by you all. 2009 Chris spent a lot of time to produce new track which are be released on Labels like Multipraktik (Slowenia), New League (Daredo Music) and our own label Klang Dimension records. At the range of Remixes, Chris was really active, too. So he gave tracks of Artists like Hydrus X and Martin Endoor his Own note. Beside the Label work, producing and remixing played Chris regularly in clubs round of Berlin. 2010 was an eventful year in causa labels. So Chris took over the section A&R of the Label New League which is a division of Daredo Music Mannheim. Daredo is a consolidation of labels lile Harthouse, Circle, Noom, Fine Audio or Plastic City, for example. On the Sub Label “IRIDIUM recordings” (a division of Klang Dimension) Chris gave his debut with the EP “Frankfurt” which was remixed by Dominik Vaillant. Two more Highlights were Dj gigs in Frankfurter in Clubs “Tanzhaus West” and “Vinylbar”. A special recruitment in 2011 was the separate operating section “Klang Dimension Events & Artists”. Maria am Ostbahnhof, Butan Wuppertal, Rheingold Düsseldorf and the Bergfest open air is a small extraction were Chris turned the plates. As a B ergfest resident Chris will play one per month the M.I.K.Z Club, one of the Scene clubs in Berlin. 2012 began the year with a good started EP on the Chilean Label “Sickvillage”. One of the tracks ranked at the internal label Top 10 (Beatport) on the first place, till now. Christian Sotos “Apokalypse” got big support by Dave Clarke on his radioshow “Whitenoise”. Since April Christians “Get it on EP” is released on His own Label Klang Dimension records with remixes by Axel Bartsch and Lars Wickinger. In addition will Chris play regular in the Clubs in and round Berlin.


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