- Joachim Garraud


After studies in musicology (7 years at the Academy of Music Percussion and Piano), Joachim Garraud decided to turn to electronic music where he met many successes. Primarily a DJ in Parisian club in his beginnings, little by little he started to become a true globetrotter while travelling to many countries where he established many contacts and exchanges with other DJs. He takes part in many demonstrations related to electronic music in the biggest festivals of the world. He is featured on three of David Guetta's albums, producing and writing a lot of his songs. Within the framework of a partnership with Pioneer, Garraud took part in the development of turntable DVD DVJ-1000, allowing DJ's to mix the image as much as the sound. Nowadays, Joachim Garraud is also famous because of his audio visual show, which is required all over the world. This is a new experience that the crowd loves and not only a dj set we are used to see.