- Fargo


Fargo was grown up to the sounds of his Dad's vinyl records collection which included Blues Rock'n'Roll Funk and Disco music. At the age of 7 he began playing the piano and singing in school choir. At that time his silver dream was to create a funky band where he could play cool organ solos on his keybord and sing like James Brown. At the age of 15 he joined a small funky band "JamRadio" but had to leave it 2 years later when he moved to Moscow. That's where the passion for electronic music appeared. The first works of Fargo were very funky with slap bass and funky guitars but very soon he started to dilute the "funkyness" of his records by using electro synths and adding vocal cuts to his tracks. In future Fargo is going to work in collaboration with many well-known producers in disco and french electro world.