- Bsharry


GIACOMO BISCIARRI in art BSHARRY was born April 27, 1986. Dj Producer and remixer for:T IMBALAND, NOELIA, MOLELLA, FLY PROJECT, DJ ROSS, PHIL JAY, BEN DJ, PAOLA PERONI, ANDREA AGREST I and many others. His works are played by some of the most famous DJs worldwide and are published in a lot of labels including: MINIST RY OF SOUND. SONIC WHIM - LIKE A G6 (Giacomino power6 rmx) # 8 Itunes canadian chart / 12 # itunes ireland chart / 33 # itunes UK chart / 84 # itunes chart. The remix will be included in the "MINISTRY OF SOUND 2010" and "2011 MINISTRY OF SOUND". His remix of "NOELIA - MIND BLOWN" has reached the 1# on Itunes for two weeks in Italy and more than a 1 views on Youtube. The bootleg of "COLDPLAY - PARADISE" and "MADONNA - GIRL GONE WILD" are offered for sale for a short period, at the top of the charts Beatport. 2013, DEREK FLYNZ - YOUR LOVE (Bsharry remix) is published on the MINISTRY OF SOUND label. In Barcelona, TIESTO plays the mashup of "AVICII vs. HARD ROCK SOFA & SQUIRE - JUST FADE INTO DARKNESS CAN NOT AWAY (Bsharry mashup) ". MORD FUSTANG played "BSHARRY - ECUADOR" and "BSHARRY – SUMMER RAIN" supported by famous club "AMNESIA IBIZA". Some remixes & mashups by Bsharry are present in the dj set of DJ MAG supported by DJs the likes of: T IEST O, MORD FUSTANG, IAN CAREY, DJ FROM MARS, JACK HOLIDAY, MIKE CANDYS, MOLELLA, T OMMY VEE, SIDEKICK, FRANCESCO SARZ I, SAMUELE SART INI, PHIL JAY, RAF MARCHESINI, MAX BRAGANT INI, PIPPO PALMIERI, PROVENZ ANO DJ, RENEE LA BULGARA, PAOLA PERONI, ELLENBEAT, PIT T ROCK, MAX BRIGANT E and MORE. His remixes and mashups are required and played in all parts of the world.