- Mike Wryter


"I just want the people to be happy"Born and raised in Germany, the little 8 year old with Italian roots discovered instantly that he can make others smile by using his natural given love of life and addiction to music. And by cooking some awesome spaghetti as well.Living in a family of singers and musicians his path was already predesposed . Influenced by the Dancefloor sounds of the nineties in which he grew up, Mike Wryter is adding his own kind of dreamy sounds and pictorially lyrics to let every song tell his own emotional story.As he was given the opportunity to remix BEAUZ's wonderful song "Not that brave " he came in contact with a bunch of crazy, positive people called EDM Fans...and he loved them from second one!!


Summer Deephouse Megamix 2019
DJ Mix, Alec Sun Drae, Loui & Scibi, Chillhanger, Ron Carroll, Julien Scalzo, Ben Delay, Nebs Jack, Calmani & Grey, Leon Brooks, Sahbi, Argento, Idin Gorji, Distant People, Hannah K., Audax, Adriano Pagani, Dimy Soler, Boogie Pimps, King & White, Carisman, Matty Menck, MZA, David K., Mika Olson, Yves Murasca, Rosario Galati, Bedrud, Aneta Moran, Sovi, Freaky DJs, Roger Taylor, Miguel Noel, Andrey Exx, Karmen Moxie, Cruze, The Ger-Man, Bankewitz, Max Bering, Luca Cassani, Ricky Castelli, Ellie Madison, Rogerio Lopez, Tim Porta, Julie Mc Knight, Malone, Elsa, Paul & Friends, Alex House, Bluckther, David Caballero, Nia Martin, Kevin Courtois, Duke & Robin, Dimitri Vibe, Dave Young, Fritz Jong, Lissat & Voltaxx, Faul & Wad, Avalanche City, Andre Rizo, Christian van Ham, Daisy Kilbourne, Casanovy, Kantola, Kahikko, LiRina, Nomi, Tim Gartz, featuring_me, Hight, Hannah Jane Lewis, Sweed, Jalana, Maria Marcus, Gil Sanders, Suonare, Mankind, The Forgery, Tim Morrison, Ducka Shan, Mike Wryter, Shawnee Taylor, OMZ, Popcorn Poppers, Alexia Nigh, DJ Nirro, Ultra Nate, Marcimo, DJ Skywalk, Coline, Bassner, Josto, Dunno, David Brush, Lenny, Meines, Bolier, Roya, Juloboy, Shifterz, Jose Ogalla, Keyano, Arco, Greg Dela, Sicnature, Kataa, Valentin Ilie, Anbargo, Hugo Gerber, No Requests, Nyers, Mattini, Da Hool, AKADIAN, Sandro Pertini, Shiloff, Hoxtones, Cèline Chant, Morelly, JONVS, Amoon, Walking Path, Marc KUKKA, Slippy Beats, Angi, Marc Vedo, DJ Rae, Luca Debonaire, Kiki Doll, Mr. Calix, Nathaniel, Funkin Matt, Stefan Koenig, Justluke, MDE, Joachim Garraud, Charlie Sputnik, Ridwello, Mark Bale, Dario Rodriguez, Albeneir, Crystal Rock, Marc Kiss, Sawo, Henry Hacking, Van Harden, Francesco Gomez, Sean Swede, CASSIMM, Block & Crown
Selected. | 2019-04-12