- Dave Crusher


Davide Guadagni started to pruduce music when he was 16 years old with the name David Peel, his style was EDM and Dance Music. The first release was with Musical Madness and then he signed with others important label: Blanco y Negro, Clipper's Sounds, Tazmania Records, Mental Madness Records, Tough Stuff! Music, etc.His tracks were supported by international dj and famous radio show.In 2017 Davide changed his aka name in Dave Crusher and his music style in House Music. In this year he signed with Black Lizard, Juicy Music and Jango Music.https://www.facebook.com/davecrusherofficial https://soundcloud.com/davecrusherofficial https://www.instagram.com/djdavecrusher https://twitter.com/djdavecrusher