- Miss Luna


Ibiza-based Music Producer and Djane Miss Luna started DJingin the early 90s and developed her unique, fresh and distinctive style adapted from the soul music she grew up with and thus recognizable by her moving groovy, always musical sounds.In 2001, Miss Luna moved to Ibiza to make a dream come true: producing her own music in this very centre of electronic sounds. Her album “Rise & Shine” was released in March 2010 by Karmaloft Music. Miss Luna is working with established international producers and musicians, puts her special stamp on many remixes and her tracks can be found on many Ibiz a Sound Compilations . As a DJ, Mis s Luna played at some of the Island hotspots such as KM 5, Nassau Beach Club for many years. She likes to work as a single act but also with live singers and other musicians with the aim to create a special atmosphere for her audience.Miss Lunas latest project is her own Ibiza based radio station IBIZA LIVE RADIO, online 24/7 with Selected (House) Sounds from around the world. Android and iPhone Apps are available.


Mykonos Beach Club
Filthy Rhodes, The Atmosphera, Simge Baskaya, Ary Cast, Eluana Nakoa, Crash Club Dummies, A Club Tunes, Dark and Light, Chrizz Morisson, Ap Organism, Volker von Mozart, Glammer Twins, Buddha Lounge DJs, Samu Sanchez, DJ Van Wood, Malin Hole, Proba Merx, Lorenzo Benedettini, Light or Shine, Deva Alchi, Sugapop, Dance Myrial, Morice Philipe, Sabrina Hahn, Axcel Lence, Chiffre 100, Shadow Cru, Zad, Räubermukke, Seddik, City Capture, Hippusher, Kaffeehaus, Babah, Nemanja Basaric, ByondIndia, Oscar Stringz, Yekuro Losho, Mephia, Uprising Alchemy, Beatgridded, Funkshiner, Man Of Leisure, Lime and Shine, FL Acid, LPA City, Pharuk, Felix Huettl, Duppy Conqueror, Deep Joke, E.R.I.C.A., Rhythmphoria, Jazzy Nova, Aron Gutt, El Ninjo, Aleks Turtle, Francisco Bolsa, Alex Nöthlich, Armand Van Henegouwen, Chillelektro, Jonathan Wagner, Ron Ractive, April Young, Ripley & Jenson, Ghedzo, Lola Saint, The Chillseekers, Primo Lopez, Clever & Durchtrieben, This Bionemis, Djmlbeatz, D. A. S., House Boss, Tom Bruessel, Getic, Mamad Qavam, Oliver Russ, Morris Jones, Kim Greene, PNP, Phillipe Jardim, Pique Dame, G Element, Makia Blue, Chillout Lounge Ibiza, Max Zierke, Spiritual Soul, Fre3 Fly, Addie, Sabisski, Duplicity, 2tone Tom, Redde Rationem, Spurious, Amf, Thesan Project, Hotel Stereo, Chris Le Blanc, Yasmina, Tom Appl, Stephane Lumiere, Beyond Horizons, Miss Luna, Koronisia, After Sunrise, Alex Phunk, Nik Cartman, Der Dienstleister, Slavian, Jan Moehlenkamp, Bertram Geck, Manuel Voltolinas, Ezio Centanni, Paralax, John Skyfield, Cheap Sunglasses
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