- Tigerforest


Tigerforest is an electronic, ambient and chill out music project from German born music composer and producer Gunnar Spardel. Together with a beautiful array of highly gifted guest musicians from all around the globe he is creating visionary sounds inspired by nature's deepest mysteries.There is a forest up in the arctic circle called Tigerforest. It produces more than half of the oxygen produced from trees on the planet. The forest has a very short growing cycle, just one month, and in that time it produces all of that oxygen. I was really moved by the idea that there is a forest that seems so far away, but is having a big positive affect on the planet.Certainly music can also have such abilities in different ways. Music means much more to me than playing white and black keys together in some harmonious or disharmonious accordance and order. It's more than making impressive eclectic soundscapes or sequences with some content. Music is my life. Music is my playground of emotions and at each time the mirror of my innermost being.