- Maureen


Maureen has started her adventure with music in her youth and it has always been her greatest passion. She started with moving her body first and joined dance school. Dance let her express herself and through it share positive energy with other people. But it wasn't enough... Music is a passion that can’t be replaced by any other and one that you simply cannot live without. In 2007 following her dreams Maureen started to learn mixing. At that time she was mainly into vocal trance but slowly got into various house music – latino and funky house – and further into deep and tech house. In 2008 she joined professional DJ school where she was mastering her mixing technique, was learning a lot about music itself and graduated with DJ Certificate. Now she plays at clubs around Poland. Her recipe? Best house music blended with 10 tons of positive energy. The most important thing for her is the ability to arouse people’s enthusiasm. When mixing at the party she is always at her best and you can feel that music always comes from her heart. “Be what you are, listen what you want to listen, let me take you to the magic world of music…”. She believes that hard work, commitment and stubbornness allows to achieve almost every goal: “Always be on your way to fulfill your dreams…”.