- Sigma7


Hailing from Montreal, Quebec – Sigma 7 aka John Bacogiannis started his musical adventure as a teenager studying music theory and taking piano and organ lessons. By the time he got to college, he furthered his knowledge and took lessons in classical guitar. It was in his early 20’s that his passion for music started to develop. He was introduced to Montreal’s underground house scene and quickly became a regular at various venues. In 1997, he moved to The Netherlands to further his career in IT. While living abroad, his brother introduced him to computer- based recording and there was an immediate connection between creativity and technology. He was quickly able to relate in mixing samples together from his prior exposure to house music and a love of producing music was born. Starting off with remixing, Sigma 7 began to release tracks as early as 1999 such as Strange Love Addiction by the Supreme Beings of Leisure, Much Too Much by Andain and Hot as Hades by Winter Kills primarily on sites such as Mixman, Acid Planet and more recently SoundCloud. His musical style began to develop very quickly and throughout the years has developed a unique sound – alternating between making remixes and creating original mixes focusing mainly on House. In 2015, he was discovered by Florida based KIKI Records and was signed on to the label. His rst album entitled BEGINNINGS was released in December 2015. Following his debut album, his 2nd album entitled DRUNK IN THE BASEMENT was released in 2016 again by KIKI Records. In 2017, he began production on his 1st EP entitled THE MESSAGE 1V2 with the label DREAM SOUNDS FACTORY and was released in April 2018. Always setting the bar higher, Sigma 7 is committed to expanding his repertoire and advancing his knowledge in sound production so that he can deliver quality tracks. Sigma 7 can be reached via the following links: SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/sigma-7 Facebook: www.facebook.com/Sigma7x7/ Email: ssigma43@gmail.com