- Liquid Sky


Through a friend in 1994, Liquid Sky first tried his hand at mixing records. It quickly became a hobby and even quicker became a serious addiction. Within 3 years he had been given the chance to show his talents before crowds in Berlin’s Ostgut and Tresor clubs. Since 2000 he is a regular with the Tresor Headquarters team. In an audience at a Liquid Sky gig, those with soft tastes will recognize his groovy, ass-swinging techno style. But for friends of harder musical regions, he brings out the hammer because Liquid Sky’s musical importance lays in the present and everything that can develop from this. He is fascinated by new records that, with the first spin, can create unforeseeable (hearable?) effects. These surprise effects are for him the most interesting elements of all in order to continually convince his audience with his selection and mixing technique on 3 turntables. The set is for him always in the foreground, the individual tracks in the background. In 1998 Liq uid Sky began producing music. His first accomplishments still weave in and out of his regular sets. Since then he has wandered into live performing with functional live sets in Tresor and other european clubs. As often as he can he mixes own tracks from CD into his sets, continually testing the results.... In 2002 the Headquarters team delivered a superb compilation on Tresor Records (Tresor.197) on which Liquid Sky published two tracks. In 2006 Liquid Sky created his own record label Filtered Visions, which merits full attention from the techno establishment.


Ultimate Tech-House 2k17
Gordon Raddei, Matthew J. Driggs, Zdb, Alkalino, Aaron Sirk, Nygel Reiss, Virtual Dialog (Smilla and B.Piltz), Raboy, David Casal, Afrilounge, Der Thal, Dexter Curtin, Dormouse, Baldachi, Liquid Sky, Chickenskin, Franzo Kolms, Michael Stapf, Flash Royal, Mandex, Hermes, Ian Morbey, Steinmueller, Daniele Nacci, Deep'a & Vek, Katyle, Ron Ractive, Korekt, Dream-X, Daniel Kampf, Skaiz, Corsario, D-Force, Planar, Monchhichi Boys, Matthew Cornell, Fabio Salerni, Keil M., Mattei & Omich, Anirhythm, Sen Etan, Christian Belt, Youniverse, Rob Pearson, Djane My Canaria, Pinky & TheBrain, Dealirium, Cristian Van Gurgel, Simon Jaxx, Lars Horton, M4ur0dp, Jakepool, Artur Sowa, Prince Ringo, Kristof Tigran, Oliver Gross, Dim Chord, Selcuk Butun, Ap Organism, Fedy, Dr. Beat, King Hookiss, Ivan Deluxe, Felidae, Domtare, AUG, Serdar Ors, GOVOG, Showa, DJ Istar, The Wasted Professor, Mas Flores, Martijn Kuilema, Philip Ackowsky, Joval, Johnny Massacre, Ayzee, G.U.R.I, H^nk, Steven Sanders, Azurio, Tommy Marquez, Johnny Golden, Mike Don, Udo Dreher, Schuerfes, Abendrot, Alvaro Arroyo, Andreas Florin, Salvatore Palumbo, This Guy Ben, Dirt Shuffle, Boys in Town, Alain Jimenez, Brasco, RZ, Frank Sadness, Joseph Christopher, Fabio Amoroso, Yuri Taurino, Idelcam, DJ Ricky V, Gabrielo, Martin Bellomo, Slavaki, Ruben Murcia, Ben Weber, Axel Eilers, Luca Vallante, LK., Sanderson Dear, Alex Brakale, Tony Di Sarno, Esco89, Jovanni Cimino, Christos Nemtsas, David Del Olmo, Marcos Gonzalez, skOolx, Paradoxx, Marc Van Linden, Denny The Punk, Acid Driver, Eugeneos, Green-Jarvus Ben-Ellis, Andrew Tailor, Cam Harris, Dukadelik, Eva Gallo, G-Prod, Tashi Luís, Darem Aissa, Alex Barrera
Dad Media | 2017-12-09